International Arts Partnership


This year, the International Arts Partnership has produced 2 radio plays for the BBC. These are ‘Song of the Cossacks’ and ‘Blackwater’ – see more below. 

Song of the Cossacks

‘The Cossacks could have lynched me. Instead they didn’t want to believe me. They continued trusting me. That was horrible. I remember all of it with true horror. It was a truly diabolical plan.’ Rusty Davies, British Liaison Officer for the Cossacks in 1945.

With the original testimony from survivors and the British officer in charge, this play explores the horror of the summer of 1945 when Cossacks were forcibly repatriated to the USSR. 

A play for Radio 4 by Jean Binnie, adapted by Stephen Wyatt.  

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Written by Roland Schimmelpfennig, translated by David Tushingham with music by Simon Slater. 

Two separate groups of young people climb the fence to spend a summer night at a swimming pool. Twenty years later, the ripples can still be seen in their lives. 

For BBC Radio 3. 

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